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hey guys, long time no post!!! i've been deployed since may 19th! i recently just left singapore and now the ships on the way to the gulf... just buying everything i'll need/want for my bike so its all waiting for me when i get home...

i recently purchased a 520 kit (both sprockets and a chain), and some new tires (b-stone 002 RS) from cyclesector. THANKS AGAIN DIEGO, for the great deal and awesome customer service! if you guys haven't already delt with cyclesector, you really are missing out, hands down THE best customer service i've ever gotten, and its EVERYTIME i make a purchase from them...

well after that plug for our good friends at , i need a red solo cowl for an 03-04 (cant remember if theres a difference between 03-04 and 05-06)... after that i'll pretty much be happy with my bike for a while, and i'll be hitting up cyclesector for my gear needs... as some of you may know from being deployed on the ship, the internet connection isn't the best in the world... so i might not be able to post on this thread for a while!

with that said, please send pictures and paypal addy's to [email protected] it would really help alot! it took about 15 minutes for this page to load alone!!! hahaha.. thanks again guys! i hope everyones staying safe... i cant believe i missed my first full season as a rider to a deployment! go navy right!? thanks again dot net!
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