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Hello as title says i want to buy , stator and clutch covers cheap, heavy rashed, cracked but mostly in one piece if u wanna trow it in garbage send me picture and we can make deal.
Also wtb rear seat in good condition on fair price.
Next wtb tail section fairing in any color can be rashed damaged i jus need parts what goes from air ducts on tail to bike frame were it bolts on frame.
Next wtb solo crowl in any condition, cheaper is better so it can be damaged, cracked, rashed just send me pic on pm with your offer.
Also i need right (brake side) front footpeg in good condition, and db killer for yosh rs 5 like one on picture
If u have some other parts what any of you do not know what to do with them or u want to trow them away pm pe with pictures and fair price and we can make a deal.

Note im located in Croatia, unfortunately, so keep that in mind for shipping, and also sry for my bad english i have never learn it, but im doing my best!

Thanks to all!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts