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Hi everyone. Just bought a 2005 RR for a track bike. Here's a list of things I need/think I will need (got it today and have only had time to take a quick look at it). Let me know what everyone has and a price. Shipping would be to 46804! Please PM me if you have any pics!

Definitely need:

*Air Intake "triangles" and tubes (both sides) I do have the stock tubes but wouldn't mind the whole set and any mounting brackets for them...I don't know how/if they attach to the fairings...?
*Full fairing bolt kit (long shot someone has one laying around, but will most likely have to get on eBay).
*Stock clear windscreen.

Possibly need:

*Fairings...only decent ones I can salvage on the bike are the tail and side seat pieces. So would need: nose, both mids, belly, and intake covers. Was going to order a track set (optimal racing) for $400 but if there's OEM's out there I'll take them...color doesn't matter, just as long as they are in good shape.
*Front brake line.
*Front brake pads if someone has a new/used set in good shape.

Like I said, I know I may have to order some of these parts but since it's a track bike, would like to keep it fairly cheap if people have extra stuff and want to make a few bucks! Just figured I would see what I could find out there!

Thanks in advance!
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