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Wires not cut, plz. <----I know it's a long shot but I'm hoping.

Also, '03-'06 rear turn signals are compatible, right?

If you have them hit me up with a price (shipped). Oh, and they have to be in mint or near mint shape. Thx!

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Have the rear ones but the wires are cut unfortunately.

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synrrgy said:
I have complete rear signals with the stock mud guard. Let me know if you want them.
Let me see some pics, please. And do they work? Wires aren't cut right?

How much shipped? Does my mole on my butt make you horny?

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welldrilleRR said:
$30 shipped, waiting for a reply.
Oh, hey. I'm waiting for the others to quote me a cheaper price...haha

I'm broke man. Can't even get the bike registered until later...haha

I'm looking for $20 shipped via IOU!
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