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wtb race suit for $100-$200

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Like the title states, I need a suit, size 42-44. Not sure who has what laying around but let me know if you have something cheap laying around that will get me on the track, this is the last piece of gear I need. Thanks.
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Are you looking for a leather suit for 200? If so i gotta warn you to be careful. A leather suit that cheap is going to have a ton of wear on it and i would be afraid of it not holding up. If you want to go that route anyways I would suggest looking for used on Ebay. If you raise your limit i got an Alpinestars Trigger in black 44 suit thats mint condition its just too big on me but i cant let that go for less than 450.
Yeah Id spend a bit more and get some quality leathers. bad asphalt rash is gonna cost you a lot more.
I may have an A* suit in storage. 2 piece. Just had surgery on my back so I can't get there for a couple days. Size 46 jacket, 34 pants, gray and black. Would like to get $250 if possible. If you're interested so far, pm me and I'll head over to get pics, but its an hour round trip, so let me know.

This is probably the best you will do for the money.
I have a RS Taichi Blast Viper EVO One Piece Leather Race Suit White / Red Size 42 Wellllll broken in! It's been down a couple of times in it. good shape but a tear in the Shoeller Keprotec Kevlar in the forearm and road rash on it. That would be a easy repair. I couldn't let it go for 200 but I could let it go for around 700/obo.

Here's a link to STG of the suit.
dude I got one that will pass tech, hit me up, its a 42, Dainese K gun metal, has some rash but no holes, ill cut you a super deal on it,

suuscbr @ gmail
If you still need a set, I've got a size 44 just like you're asking for.

I'll ship for that price, domestic.

astar one piece $250... sz 44 us . had one hole by the crouch like about 2 inches or less. knee pics still good. can send you more pics if you're interested in it.
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