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I've been searching for a few days, and I'm probably doing it wrong, so, here goes.

2012 CBR600RR: I want to ditch the aftermarket ABS fairings from the PO and switch to fiberglass race fairings for daily use. I want to do this because, aside from aftermarket ABS breaking easily if someone kicks my bike over in a parking lot--and then isn't repairable--they also make me hate my life every time I need to take plastics off to do basic maintenance. But because I ride nearly daily, I need to be able to modify them to be street legal.

The current brands I can find are CBC, Hot Bodies, Armour Bodies/Woodcraft, Sharkskinz, Attack Performance, Motorforza, and BikePlast. I can also find no-name eBay race fairings for a bit over $500 +S&H. Are there any other brands I should be looking at?

Do all brands of race fairings require a race upper cowl stay?

Are there any other parts I would need--other than quarter-turn fasteners--to install a set of race fairings?

It looks like I can cut out where mirrors need to go with no real problem,BUT if I need a race stay, is there an attachment point for mirrors? Assuming that mirrors can be installed normally, I could use integrated mirrors instead of mounting recessed signals. I'm assuming that I'd need to create my own 'pocket' if I wanted to re-use my regular recessed turn signals.

I currently have an integrated brake light; would I need to do any modifications to the tail to still use it? Would it be simpler to keep using the ABS tail section for daily riding?

Finally, as far as headlights go, it looks to me like the TripageLED 'driving' lights, mounted to the fork below the upper fairing, are going to be the best option. Cutting holes for headlights seems like a crap-shoot, with more trial and error than I really prefer. The only regulations I can find for Georgia regarding headlights is that they can't be blue, so I don't think I run into legal issues.

Am I missing anything?

(All of this would be rendered moot if anyone knew of a manufacturer that made fiberglass race fairings that already had headlight cut outs, but I haven't been able to find any.)
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