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Yana shiki review

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i was wondering if anybody had any knowledge about yana shiki seat cowls vs. OEM seat cowls. i cannot find any OEM gloss black 2008 seat cowls anywhere and all i can find are some unpainted yana shiki ones and am thinking that will be my best bet. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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they cost more than stock, at least more than i paid... wtf?
I tried ordering one from a mechanic friend because he got them dirt cheap and was not pleased. I don't know if it was the manufacturers fault or the distributor but the three tries were all complete failures. The first one had the bottom plastic broken where the bolts held it to the top, so it wasn't actually attached. The second one had the same problem but all the bolts were also missing. The third one was so scratched up it looked like it had been ran across gravel for a few miles then packaged up. After that I just ordered an OEM one and love it.
just go oem. has all the parts.
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