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Yet another fairing review

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So I got my RR a few weeks ago and set about getting it set up. The fairings were damaged when i bought it, and the fairing stay was tweaked a little bit, replaced that, added my stabilizer from my last bike and threw on some sliders.

After prowling the forum and researching I decided on fairings from motofansclub. I've always loved the 03 Rossi Valencia repsol, so the decision on paint was easy, I even have the matching AGV helmet and the sweetest little die cast model of it.

Customer service: He was great answering all my questions within 24 hours of asking. Even added a few extras in there for me, really top notch. I did however have a damaged piece and am just starting the process of taking care of it, I'm sure he'll do right on it for me.

Shipping/processing: From the time I ordered it until the time I recieved it was 2 weeks, pleasently surprised just how quick it was.

Packaging: Everything was wrapped beautifully, I was actually kind of shocked that a piece could break how well it was wrapped.

Appearance of fairings: The fairings are absolutely beautiful. Is the paint a perfect 10? No. but with a little work here and there the deficiencies are easilly lived with, and for the price, hell, it cant be beat.

Installation: Stripped her down and cleaned her up a bit.

The fairings dont have heat shields, and I had trouble finding it the night I started, so I test fit everything to make life easier the next day. The tail section fit absolutely beautiful, no issues there. But with each and every piece be prepared with a dremel to smoothe certain openings and bolt holes, patience and a easy hand worked out alot of flashing that was there from the mould.

Next I dressed the top fairing. The headlight assembely fit perfect. I used the OEM ram air scoop just because I thought it looked better, it fit well, there was a very small gap at the forward most point, you wont see it unless you are laying on the ground looking up into it, and even then its barely noticable. Mounting it i had to use my dremel again to open up the mirror bolt holes, with patience taking off a little, test fitting, taking off a little more and repeating it fit great. It did have to be stretched pretty hard to get both sides on, good to have a helper (I had my pops help me) It looks beautiful on there.

The fender needed dremel work as well to open up all the holes & slots, and the brackets from the OEM fender need the rivets drilled and to be re-riveted on the new fender, easy work, fit on real nice.

The tank was broken in transit, the right rear mounting hole was broken off, working on getting it replace right now, but i mounted it anyway. Very little dremel work was nessecary, just had to open the slot on the left a hair.

Side fairings mounted well, lined up good to the upper. There were a few spots where it looked like the clearcoat pooled up at the edges, but with some gentle trimming and sanding it looks good.

Lower fairings mounted well, but as with every piece, holes and slots needed dremel work, the hole on the left side lower right behind the kickstand was actually too big, and the bolt wouldnt hold it on, I added a washer and mounted it up. Where the lowers meet under the bike was dificult on the front side, trimming was required and the front most point doesnt meet perfect, very close, but not perfect, when I go out tommorow and mess with it im sure I can get the gap closed, but its hardly noticable as it is.

Heat shielding was time consuming. I bought a roll of heat shield from the local speed shop.

I used some plain old computer paper and a sharpie to make templates of the factory heat shielding, traced them onto the roll and used a scissor to cut them out.

Did the final mount and everything lined up well, really looks kick ass.

As with most jobs, a little patience, care and a good helper went miles. For the price these fairings are a home run. I remember repairing my F3 in like 2000, imposible to find decent panels, expensive to get painted etc... This was easy street compared to that.

So my opinion in total is you just cant go wrong with the fairings from motofansclub, when I get the new tank skin I'll be totally satisfied.

Next up, gotta make them wheels orange.........
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Hey that looks awesome!! Sounds like you got a good set with all the fittment. Nice one!
One tick for motofans!
loving that color scheme, very nice choice
nice, good write up as well! kudos to motofansclub :thumbup:
Awesome review, I'm digging those fairings. Bike looks great :thumbup:
Great idea on the heat shields! ... is that stuff $$$$$$?
Thanks everyone, motofans has been great, they're taking care of the damaged tank too, service has been top notch.

And on a side note I went over a curb yesterday and misjudged how much room I had (my last bike didn't have lower fairings)they took a pretty good hit and they held up really well. I was afraid the fairings would be delicate compared to oem

The heat shield was like 40$ for the roll, and I only used about half the roll. I liked how thick it was compared to the self adhesive sheets I had seem elsewhere.
Great idea on the heat shields! ... is that stuff $$$$$$?
holy crap! take it easy on her... curbs can be nasty on fairings but nastier on wheels! Nice paint scheme - my favorite btw and write-up on the heat shielding/padding. I always wanted to do this to a 1000rr (if I ever get one :))
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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