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Yoshi side exhaust, track fairings , and linex

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Looks interesting. Won't need to worry about rock chips, eh?

Did the Line-X add much weight to the skins?
it did add weight but nothing that was really noticeable when i got the skins back
looks good dood how does it sound?:drunk:
so you have one headlight, gsxr mirrors, and race fairings covered in linex and no apparent tail lighting. besides confusing the hell out of me looks good.
it does have a tail light turn signals and a plate holder you cant really see it from these pics here is how it sounds
sounds good bro:shakehand i dig the mirrors i hope trippage can get to gether mirrors like that for my sixer:drunk:
I like the look of the bike bro.. different..
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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