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yoyo install question

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Which bolt goes on which side? I installed them this morning, and I put the longer, skinnier bold on the right side, but it looks like it sticks out too far.
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the long skinner goes to the right. and the fat short ones goes to the left. make sure you dont forget the washers on the right side. and tighteded the bolt to 40lb/ft and then tightened the pitch to 20 lb/ft. yeah it does look like it sticks out too far. but once you're finished and put the body on. (after drilling the holes. ) it'll look the same.... good luck.
I've already put the plastic back on, it still sticks out further on the right than the left.
Did you put the spacer in the right place? Sounds like you put the spacer on the outside of the frame and not in between the frame and the motor mount.
It's only about a 3/8ths of an inch difference. I'm pretty sure I put it all back together in the correct order.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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