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Originally Posted by Toolfan23 View Post
i am severely confused as to what kit to purchase. The link from the very first post goes to a sale item which is a car kit with 2 bulbs, ballasts and battery harness. It shows a 4300k for $110 and a 4300k 55w kit for $150. I'm assuming it's supposed to say 4500k and that's a typo. Someone else posted a link to the motorcycle kit for $90 and you can buy the extra ballast and bulb for $20 and the harness for $30. None of these prices match up to what anyone said they paid. Do you need the battery harness for a bike? I want to order these right now but I don't want to order the wrong stuff. Can someone clear this up for me?

this is where i got mine. u jsut need to order DDMGEN$70.00
comes with everything you will need. 70 plus shipping and tax if it applies to your area
comes with (below) and again its all you will need to follow this DIY write up

- DDM Digital Slim ballast (2)
- HID Bulbs (2)
- Life-Time Warranty

if you order te DDM and get a Apexcone label on it. its the same thing. Apexcome makes DDM
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