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View Poll Results: Are bikes like the R6 good or bad for the sportbike landscape?
Yes, I think the R6 is a good thing. Razors edge performance is what matters most. 36 75.00%
No, I think is a bad thing. Keep the racebikes in races and give me something more livable. 12 25.00%
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Are track focused bikes good or bad for joe public?

<I define joe public as anyone who's not a professional racer.>

Do you think the march towards track superiority has helped or hurt sportbikes? If all manufacturers start to follow yamaha's lead and produce [racebike] pure bred track utensils like the new R6, (and undoubtedly the R1 next year) is that good or bad? why?

I think its good. The more track days I do the less I care if I ever ride on the street again. So an ultra rev happy motor w/ low and high speed damping sounds awesome to me.
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I think its both good and bad and I like Yamaha's approach to the dilema with the R6 and the R6S.

Good because it pushes the bike technology and the racers on the track. Bad because not all of us are capable of using all that power on a track and certainly not on the street. Its a double-edged sword. If I was going to buy a new R6, I would have to seriously consider how much track riding Im doing. If Im doing a couple(2-5) track days a year and riding the street all spring/summer/fall... I dont think Id pick up the new R6, Id get the new R6S or a less used low milage 04/05 R6. If Im doing alot(10+) of track days, Id get the R6 as I would want to learn how to dominate on the track and you need a great machine to dominate.

Ultimatly I like how Kawi and Yamaha have handled it. The ZXRR is homoligated for race use only. I havent seen but 2 on the street. But Kawi makes the 636 for streetability. Same with Yammy. R6 for the track, and the R6S for the street.

You really have to be honest with yourself when buying a new bike these days. I dont get the chance to do alot of track riding due to the cost of getting a 1 piece, bike prep, transportation ect... Its just not cost effective for me at this time. So Im stuck on the street. I dont need the new R6. Its brutally uncomfortable, more so than the 600RR and I cant take advantage of its capabilities where Im riding.

The ultimate reason why not is that bikes may be a luxery item, but they are still pretty cheap compared to a BMW or Porsche ect. The big high HP numbers attract the squid kids and the dumbasses which unfortunatly make us ALL look bad. Just like a few cruiser riders make all of them look bad, a few swuids make us all look bad. You have a bright full face helmet and a jacket that is bright while riding a bike and you are trouble. Just like you have a leather vest, a beard and a cruiser and you are in the Hells Angels.

The answer to your question is its both good and bad.

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The reason why they make them for the street is so they can compete in the stock racing classes. That's the same reason why Kawi makes the ZX6-R and the ZX6-RR. They can't compete in the stock 600 class with 636ccs so they have to make a limited number of 600cc bikes. They have to sell a certain number of bikes to the public.

So when it comes to the stock class the R6 will do well because it is more track oriented.

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i think yamaha did it right when offering the two different R6's as well...if you want "racier" bike than it is available...if you still want a supersport but not the craziest one you have that option as well..if they made something a level up from the 600rr i might have been interested in it over the RR when i was looking to make the purchase
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Since I only ride on the track, the R6 is an awesome weapon and I hope Honda follows suit. I'm sure they will. My opinion might not count due to the fact that I don't ride on the street but there is my 2 cents...
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I think it is a good thing for the bikes. A bad thing for public perception and beginers.
The 'average' rider will never see a track unless it is on tv, but then again, they probably won't. The marketing of "Better" is the problem. The RR is no better on the street than the F4i. Actually IMO it is worse. But the F4i is not the latest and greatest, so it is frowned upon.

Of course, this is the same public that may compliment your R6, but then ask when you are going to upgrade to an R1.

So in the end, the public is stupid, magazines are stupid, marketing is stupid, Dayrock is stupid, REO Speedwagon is stupid, and Tenacious D rocks.

Thank you

Signatures are stupid.
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i cant vote. i want almost what they got but not exactly what they got.. i want the some of the speed and all the handling but not the price. i dont no. the rr is as close as i wanna get.
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It is good, because where are track riders going to get bikes if they can't be had at a dealership at a good price? Not every rider who wants to take it to the track can afford to build a performance bike from the ground up.

I do think that magazine shootouts are stupid because the average joe won't be any faster on one bike than another. People who feel the need to "upgrade" to a bigger bike are stupid, get the one that suits your riding style.
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In a sense, Honda already does this: RR and F4i. The RR is supposed to be a race/track machine; back in the day, it was cutting-edge. Now, everyone's caught up. I think in 07, you'll see the RR be even more narrowly defined and the F4i (F5i?) will pick up the street slack. Is it a good idea? I don't know how many people picked up the tamer R6. At the same time, I don't think a lot of people picked up the 6RR over the 636.

People want the most for their money, and by that, I mean, the most power. Whereever the most power can be had, that's where the money/sales will go. With that said, it may not be a good idea. So long as RR bikes are affordable, people (whether they have skills or not) are going to go for the most bang which will probably lead to more motorcycle related injuries on the street as uninformed riders attempt to extract that power on the street. Unfortunate, but true. I voted "yes," by the way, because my desire is to track my ride.

When it really comes down to it, the bikes will never be that narrowly focus that makes them bland to ride on the street. The new R6 isn't a bore to ride on the street. Furthermore, look at the new Gixxer 600/750. These guys are still excellent on the track while still be very useable. As much as I hate to say it, but I think Suzuki is the one that's got it right!

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I don't think that the R&D dept. at any manufacturer should be limited in what they produce. If you purchase anything legal, it's up to you to use what you buy within the law and within your own limits. If you don't, then you alone are responsible for the consequences. I'm tired of the "more rules will save us" mentality.

That said, I think it's wholly irresponsible and borderline criminal the way sales people misrepresent the power and aggressiveness of these bikes to new riders. I'm especially annoyed at the way they push high intrest rates and high power sales to pressure young military men into these high powered machines for their first bikes.

That's all I got...

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