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Talking HID Install!

HID Install:


First letís examine the ballasts because we need to find a place for them in the fairing. They are very thin, and should fit just about anywhere.

The next step is to remove both side fairings to get access to the wiring, and a place to mount the ballasts. Remove the three silver hex screws, pull out the inner clip fastener by the radiator, and finally unscrew and remove the two screw clips under the front fairing.The locations are marked in red.

I use a Phillips bit to remove the screw clips under the front fairing, because itís a tight space. They are easy to turn with just your fingers.

I removed my Front fairing to get a better look at the bulbs and how they attach to the wiring system. (This is an optional step!) Bend back the clips and remove the four bolts, two on each side of the front fairing. This will allow the entire front assembly to be slid off. I held the front by the mirrors when taking it off. These fours screws require locktite, when reinstalling. I used blue locktite.

Here is what the front looks like when you take it off.

Now we need to prep the light housing for our HID system. Remove the dust cover from the light housing, and set aside. We will need to drill it. Next remove the bulb by unhooking the metal spring latch. Pull the bulb out of the wiring harness. Donít touch the glass, and wrap it up in something incase you need to go back to your old lights you have them. This is what your bulb housing should look like now, ready to take the HID bulb:

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