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Originally Posted by TheGOAT View Post

Whats UPPP!

Ja im keen, ride most weekends and occasional track days, would be cool to get like a local track day group going? Maybe we could even get enough interest to start our own league or something?

Anyone here know where i can get a race filter from? I checked in with the Honda dealer here in Kyalami and they wanted R1500 for a BMC said i they dont really get anything else in. Seems a bit ridiculous for an air filter if you ask me.
Is it just me is EVERYTHING getting KAK expensive here!?!?
The BMC is exspensive, but remember it's washable. You can try get one from Full Throttle or Mosskays. I got mine originally from Honda. I know when I got mine a couple of months back there was a big shortage on the BMCs but it's well worth getting it. I nearly went for a standard Honda issue, but it would have worked out five times for exspensive in the long run.

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