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MotoFans & Auctmarts the Same Company?

So I think some of you guys will be interested in the e-mail I received from "MotoFans" last night..

I e-mailed MotoFans at around 7pm last night informing them that I haven't heard anything from them in a while and just wanted to check in on the status of my order. I received an e-mail from them at 2:41am EST with the following:
"The order will take 10-12 more days.

So as you can see the email was signed with "auctmarts". Up until this point I thought MotoFans and Auctmarts were two different companies? I guess they are more related than anyone though, unless this is an honest error and the guys at MotoFans had Auctmarts on their mind. What do you guys think?
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