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riding options around Gauteng (twisties)

hi all

Are there any good twisties or scenic routes around gauteng, where ill be able to practice cornering techniques?

im thinking less than 200km to get there (startign form the east rand) else ill be dead tired before the fun starts. the harties roads are always clogged with traffic so no having fun in those twisties.

im not looking to go fast, just to have fun but it seems gauteng is filled with straigth roads.

The only roads that do look appealing from a google maps point of view are those in Suikerbos rand nature reserve so thats a no-go.

Theres got to be something out there somewhere. currently the only twisties i know off are on the service road (jones rd) approaching or thambo and thats like 3 nice longish corners which you are able to do at like 40 to 60 km/h, yet also mostly traffic infested and they are pretty blind so high risk.

any ideas?
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