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The best deal will and has always been the 3 pack of Mazola Corn Oil. Only $7.99! Not even Honda GN4 is that cheap. Plus it's cholesterol free! Think how good your engine will feel.

EDIT: Ok, to really answer your question...I've used the Mobil 1 full sync ($10/qt at Pep Boys). It's OK, doesn't last as long as Motul Double Ester ($16-17/qt) or Repsol ($18/qt i think). Honestly, Honda GN4 ($7/qt which is the regular non-synthetic stuff from Honda) seemed to last longer and shifting was smoother than Mobil 1 syn. Sooo...there's my 2 cents.

Let me tell you this....for someone (talking about myself here) who blew an engine at only 5800 miles (not too sure why, but had to spend $2000 for a new engine + labor), spending a little more on oil just to have peace of mind totally makes sense.

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