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Thumbs down Scorpion Exhaust - Caveat Emptor

Personally liked the sound of the Scorpion slip-on (more than all others w/ exception to Akrapovic which last month was impossible for me to acquire, demand high and I think they were a tad late getting them out.. but hey, cant rush quality I guess). So went with Scorpion and was committed to be be happy with my choice. Those that don't know what it looks like, the carbon version is oval and has a stainless steel tip. So, bought it/installed it, love it. Few days later, I am flipping thru through one of UK bike mags and see MY Same exhaust in full pg ad., EXCEPT, this one has Carbon tip and not the stainless steel I had just put on my machine 9 days prior. After few minutes, I easily decided the all carbon looked much better and because it said in the ad (In big bubble letters no less) that carbon tip was a 'New Option' available, I figured I would go order the tip by itself (how much you think it cost? 60,80,120 , whatever, looked good and I wanted it). Ok, so head to my local dealer-explain the situation... he makes call to US distributor. Distrib. (dk who) tells my parts guy, "the price for the carbon tip alone would be.....$587.00." Hmmm. ' In other words guy, this 'option' is only being marketed to new customers and not the suckers who bot it yesterday'... I said, "Wait I don't think he understands what I am asking for -already bought/installed pipe.. I just want the TIP, same pipe/different tip with 4 little screws so how much for the tip alone, I just want the TIP. Give me the TIP!" Distrib fires back, "Oh Ok, I got it now.... for just that its gonna be.... $587.00." So now I am becoming a little peeved with this smartas*... I just wasted trip, got nothing to show for it, and walk out of store ranting like some freakish weirdo doing some ad-hoc impression of Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers.. 'JUST THE TIP!, I JUST WANTED THE TIP'
So, get home/cool down. Thought about it more and figured the distributor just probably didn't know answer, after all, it is a 'New Option!', so instead of saying' I dunno know, easier for him to say, 'no cant do TIP alone'. So, I decide to email Scorpion directly and asked them if any dimensions were changed from carbon/stainless 'New Option' they chose to introduce mid way through season. I said, if dimensions were not changed, then stainless could be replaced with 4 little screws? If so, how much for just he tip (mind you, at this point I am willing to pay good sum of cash just out of principle alone). Couple days later Scorpion responds...
Dear Sir,
Dimensions the same. Although, we will not sell the carbon attachment separately. Its a 'new option' for new buyers only.
Signed, Scorprion Exhaust dude

What??? .. What do you mean? It said 'New Option!" for the same model exhaust I jut shelled out 5hundo for 2 weeks b4.. It didnt say, "Option for New Buyers". You mean to tell me that no one at Scorpion saw this coming? Halfway through the season, you advertise an 'option' but the option is only available to new buyers only. Its not like different year/bike/body/exhaust dimensions/etc. I mean, its not like anything is different, its just 4 small screws and couple inches of high grade plastic! I became so upset with these people after reading that BS I felt like ripping the thing off and throwing it in the Hudson River, worse, I feel I got ripped off. So now I have resorted to venting online (sorry, probably boring to 99.9% of you reading this)... But I am sure, someone does feel me. I mean, the way I see this situation unfolded and they were more like sorry dude. I learned some stuff this time around... like, In the ultra-ultra competitive business of after-market exhausts-all are not created equal, no where near, some don't really seem to care about the product much less the buyer once it leaves their warehouse. Apparently, some believe once they got your money, they owe the customer nothing more but a two line email giving you a sorry sucker feeling after you read it. I guess 'Caveat Emptor'..But it was last time I buy Scorpion, no matter how much I prefer this sound over Yoshi.
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um yeah dude. i'm sure it is because it has to do with price points and manufacturing.

they probably didn't see an incredibly high demand for a portion of the mod.

I'm also sure that when you first shelled out $500+, you were certain that you wanted the exhaust for itself in its entirety. would that be safe to say?

So instead of feeling like crap, be happy about an awesome slip/on that you got with a satisfying sound and a good look that you convinced yourself of before. Afterall, you did say you love it.

It happens to everyone I'm sure. It's called Buyer's Remorse. You buy that new bike and as soon as you drive it off the lot, there goes 20% of it's value. Are you going to be stuck on the loss of value or are you going to be stoked that nobody else rode around on your baby?

From what I see here, the modding never ends, so use it for a while and when you get bored of it, sell and upgrade. that seems to be the fun of it all, anyways.
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I dunno about your exhaust, but my stainless scorpion tip is riveted on not bolted on, so I'm sure you would have to buy the entire exhaust to get that tip. Mine is for an 05, but I don't think they have changed the actual construction of their pipes. If I were you I would just use my waranty half price wreck replacement that comes with all scorpion exhausts. Or maybe you can find some defect in your pipe and get a free one, but upgrade to the carbon tip? Just my opinion. I personally like the chrome tip on the end of my carbon pipe. It lights up the back of the bike a bit.
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