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hello guys, i'm doing this to my 03 trackbike right now, and i'm having issues. i have three wires coming from the ignition switch. one is red, one is pink, and one is red w/ blk tracer.

according to my shop manual, red goes to F-Odometer (10A). pink goes to ECM pin #30. and the red with black wire goes to what looks to me like the main hot wire for the fuse box. see pics below. i dont know what to do with the pink wire.

my switch is also pictured and has two poles. when connected and switched on, i get no fuel pump. no matter which pole i connect the pink wire to, when i connect wires back to the ignition switch, i get fuel pump. so i can rule out any blown fuses.

what in the world am i doing wrong? thanks if anyone can point me in the right direction.

this is the harness cut off just below the ignition switch:

this is a couple shots of my wiring diagram:

and here's the switch:

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