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Originally Posted by SuuScbr View Post
pink needs to go to a zener diode, I hate that spelling never get it right, hahaha, zenner, oh well, haha,

yeah you need one of those for the fuel pump drops I thin it was 3 volts so it can be 9 then that goes into the ecm and fires the pump,

or get a 05-06 ecm where it doesnt need the diode or pink wire going to the ecm,

Ill try to find the diode write up

search zenner diode

What I would do is prb the ecm with the voltmeter and find a wire that is giving out 9 volts, jump that to the pink wire, and BAM done,

please someone correct me if that is way out there, hahaha
You won't find another wire putting out 9V that you can use. The only ones that may be close are the tacho and speedo signals going to the gauges but they are pulsed.

Get a 3V zener diode and wire the anode to the pink wire and the cathode to the red/black wire. The cathode is the end that the band around the diode is closest to.
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