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Originally Posted by xx0505xx View Post
Nice Bike! I just picked one up as well but in red color. Any upcoming mods planned out? i'm interested in getting a lot of new parts for the 2013 model but they don't seem to have anything available yet?
Good choice!
Regarding the aftermarket parts, they are starting to come out... depends what you are searching for. many parts are also the same of previous model(s). Try to ask me and I will help saying what I found

For the future mods: for sure the R&G sliders and rear seat cover (already ordered at local dealer) then other ergal goodies I think... I am trying also to find some Italian CF maker to change: heat shield, rear fender and chain guard; all at once so CF is the same.

Originally Posted by xx0505xx View Post
anybody know a website where they sell double bubble windscreens for the 2013 model?
i just found two at the time being:
Fabbri: http://www.fabbriaccessori.com/prodo...dello=606&l=en
Biondi: http://www.biondiaccessori.eu/biondi...io.asp?ID=2597

I was waiting some real pics before thinking on buying one of the two.
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