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HOW TO: install LighTech Wheel Axle Protection

Some generic info:
Kit : http://www.lightech.it/scheda.asp?cod=ARHO101 (red color)
My bike is a CBR600RR 2013 (with ABS).

I order the kit, shown below and also:
  • Ergal Bolts (red) - the ones provided are "normal bolts" so I wanted to follow the Red Ergal addiction I have on my bike.
    • Code:001 - M6 Len=30 (three)
    • Code:001 - M6 Len=15 (one)
  • Nylon washers - always use them to avoid scratches on fairing or other Ergal products

Here the shopping list:

Instructions provided with the kit (PDF also on the website):

I ordered the three special rings and their special nuts from the smallest to the largest. Front right bolt, of course, is different.

All the sliders (rear right + left and front left) are the same (on the left in the pic) except for the front right (on the right in the pic)

The special nuts are different on each side, one is linear (below) and this face goes near the slider

The other one (below) instead goes with the nut

For the rear (right + left) and the front left we have to assemble a set like the below:

Here the first one pre-assembled

As you may see the nut has also two different sides, the one linear goes versus the inside of the axle.
Torque at more or less 4 NM while assembling it on the axle; rear left side below (largest couple nut-ring):

Rear right smallest couple nut-ring):
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