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LighTech Wheel Axle Protection

Finally I installed the axle protections that you saw some threads above...
I made a specific thread in the DIY section as I took photos step-by-step: https://www.600rr.net/vb/showthread.p...33#post5150233

I post here just the photo where the kit is installed for the ones not interested in the DIY section.

Rear left

Rear right

Front right

Front left

Also in this case I found a problem on some Part Numbers, but I think it is related to ABS/not-ABS versions since the previous CBR model (so not a specific 2013 difference). As soon as I will get official answer from LighTech I will update you.
For the curious it is related FRONT AXLE WHEEL part numbers:
  • ABS: 44301-MFJ-A50
  • not-ABS: 44301-MFJ-D00

It seems they have different "endings"; the not-ABS models have a circle-ending, if anyone of you has one and would like to check we can get the confirmation
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