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Originally Posted by clx View Post
i never plan past the next 2 days (i'm a hypochondriac, the only appointments i keep are doctors appointments) so ill tell you closer to the time.

i suggest Saturday , 24 aug 2013, start ride at 9h00 from beyers naude to harties, late bfast there, different route back. That means i'm home with the wife in the afternoon.

also put the rules down so its known from the start. Stick to the speed limit. hooliganism will not be tolerated. racism will not be tolerated.

but im anti social so ill probably not join.......
I agree with everything you said, the time and date as well, if im not working that weekend

and we all anti social, thats why we chat on 600rr.net and never have we personally met

But i hope, if the run happens, you join us
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