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1. I can't post. What do I do?

A. If you just joined, you must first post in the New Member sub-forum and introduce yourself.
i. Said forum is for introductions ONLY. No troubleshooting, selling, etc.
ii. Consider the New Member forum a door to keep out spammers.

B. If you're trying to post in the classified section, there are rules there, too
i. You must have more than 100 posts and been a member for 60 days to post in this section.
ii. Any attempt to bypass the 100 post rule (like posting items for sale in other sections, using PMs to sell items, etc.) or blatant violations of the rules listed above may result in a permanent ban.

2. Should I start a new thread?

A. Search
i. You belong to a site with over 200,000 threads. More than likely, your topic has been discussed before.
ii. If not, please start your new thread in the appropriate sub-forum

B. There are many sub-forums. Use them to your advantage.
i. If you are asking about what exhaust sounds best, for example, please, check the Exhaust and Fuel Delivery section.
ii. If you have questions about mods to your '07rr, again, check the right sub-forum (07-08 RR Modifications).

3. General Forum Etiquette

A. Don't, unless absolutely necessary, post in a thread that has not been posted in in 6+ months. We all let the thread in question die, more than likely, for a good reason. No need to bring it back to life.

B. Don't be a troll. If you are here just to stir up some trouble, move along. Failure to leave this forum will not be tolerated.

C. Do not use all caps in your posts. In addition, one exclamation point is enough.

D. Don't hate on others. Be respectful, and remember, if you don't like what someone has to say, there's always the ignore button.

E. Spammers; No need to reply to them (thus, bumping their thread). Just press the "Report Post" button at the bottom left of the post. It looks like a little street sign with an "!" in it. Mods will attend to the post quickly.

All of us here at 600rr.net welcome you to the site, and we hope you enjoy your stay!
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