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Originally Posted by clx View Post
yes there are a number of options:
  • Harties. multiple routes, lots of bikes, be careful though, road can surprise a new rider (ask my wife she still carry the scars. ask me my bike still carries the scars)
  • Head out towards magaliesburg and go north to harties and back into the city. couple of roads but dont ride them alone.
  • Head south towards Parys. first stretch will be boring but some nice twisties beteen parys and potchefstroom. road condition may be questionable though.
  • for a real fun time book a motorcycle riding course at the gerotec facility outside harties, but that costs R2K
Originally Posted by clx View Post
heads up, i may be doing a ride to harties or magalies sometime in march. ill post details here.

ill be riding accompanied by friend/s in a car.
Great thanks, def let me know when you're heading down there. I'm getting together some local riders too so we get a smallish group together.
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