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Originally Posted by Tater S View Post
Amazing how many times this same subject pops up. It's kinda like:
What's the top speed, Best slip-on, 180 or 190 rear tire, best windscreen, etc. Well ok, maybe not as bad but it keeps popping up.

It probably wasn't over tightened, it was more likely torqued to spec or the first filter change lol

A lot of the time when people can't get the filter off it's not because the filter was too tight, it's because they're not using a good stout filter wrench.
When tightened to spec a lot of the crappy $3-$10 oil filter wrenches that everybody carries just slip on the filter because they flex too much or are too lose of a fit.

I tighten mine to Honda spec every time.
I started out with the cheap wrenches (meaning I tried a few) and ran into the same problem.
Now I have the Honda oil filter wrench that nobody wants to purchase because it's too expensive and I haven't had a problem since. Go figure
And do you always only buy Honda genuine parts? ;P

I work with seals literally all day at work, hand tight would even be enough to seal the o-ring, anything beyond that you are doing so it wont vibrate off. It doesn't need to be so tight that a $9 filter wrench from Canadian Tire can't get it off.
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