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Your Most Memorable USGP Moments!

I had a few moments that I am proud to call my own. And here they are in no specific order:

1) Saturday was my first day and I was adjusting to the insane heat that everyone had to deal with. I already was deprived of sleep from the 5 hour drive up from LA so I wasn't feeling all too well. I ended up getting VERY dehydrated for some reason (I was drinking plenty of water - about a bottle every 45 minutes). When I get dehydrated and I exert myself (exercise/climbing up steep hills) I end up puking. So where do I end up puking you ask? The worst place ever of course.

ON THE FREAKING DUNLOP BRIDGE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. I heaved and my mouth was full of it, but then a 2nd wave came and I couldn't hold it in anymore and I just let it all go. I could hear the disappointment in everybody. I felt like crap.

2) Getting completely s**t-faced on Saturday night at Cannery Row with my friend Oscar and 06red600 (Brian) from our site. He was telling us about these crazy drinks at Bubba Gump's like a 'Scooby Snack' and a 'Tokyo Tea' and whatnot. I ended up drinking them both along with 4 beers. I think I was totally gone. Puking the very next morning (that's twice now) pretty much confirmed it.

3) The very best thing was somehow getting access to the Red Bull Energy Center VIP area. They had free water, drinks of all varieties, full bars, catered food, lunch, breakfast, dinner, moto gp 06, arcade games, A/C, fans with misters, and best of all HOT CHICKS.

Guys, getting in here was the best thing ever. Apparently, you need a black Red Bull pass to get in, but I went early in the morning and nobody was there to check me. I ended up staying there the whole day overlooking the front straight. Just looking at hot girls and wishing I could get with them. I was sipping a bloody mary and eating some chocolate mousse. Even the mangoes were awesome. For once, I wasn't the only fruit being looked at.

And I didn't try to sneak in. In the morning, I saw these beautiful girls that I decided to "follow" and they led me to the "Energy Center" I am speaking of. I literally could've taken 15 red bulls and sold them outside for a $1 each if I wanted to. But that's nuts.

I also saw Pamela Anderson there!!!

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I've decided if I am debt free except house payment next year I am going to the race no matter what the cost. I will plan my vacation that week and go. It was the best of the year. I know someone that works at Red Bull and maybe they can get me passes.
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I had a blast, even though I got sick for a day.. Spent a night shithoused with Schwing, CV, Omar and them... I wouldn't say it's the most remembered, but surely memorable.. lol

Charlie "Blue"

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I got flowed repsol passes and met Nicky on friday.

Then later that day I came back to a flat tire.

Saturday was pretty uneventfull, except for Ben Spies's win (met him the weekend before) and the swimming pool my buddies had in their campsite. Oh ya, Chris V. did a great job reserving pole.

Saturday night, on top of the world w/ schwing and the rest of the crew was a blast. Pictures don't lie ;)

Sunday we came in prepared. Pleanty of beer and water. We showed up right before the GP race and made a nice spot above turn 4 in front of the jumbo-tron. Nicky showed everyone who ownes Laguna. And Jamie Hacking taking the double was pretty impressive (met him the weekend before too.)

All and all it was a great time!
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friday was cool, just hanging out at the track going to all the booths and checkin out what the infield had to offer. saturday was fun, met up with Aren (from this site) and his homie, had some drinks and then he got sh**faced. plus we were having a debate on Rossi's leathers and what some things meant. sunday was cool, was chillin at turn 5 and saw stoner slide out. damn, the whole weekend was fun. cant wait til next year but gotta get a bigger group from the site to meet up and chill

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First off, i'm writing from the airport in sanjose, it was one hell of a weekend.......

but, the most memorable would have to be when me and my buddy were walking along the road, behind the hrca suite at turn 5. we were walking over to the corkscrew to get a few pics when over to my left i see a yellow h3. and to my suprise, it was Valentino Rossi! so i yell the first thing that comes to mind......."Vale!" in my best italian voice. He smiled and waved, he ended up stoping 3 cars back from the stop sign so i ran over and got him to sign my sunday ticket stub! was incredible

also got nicky's and melandri's autos as well in the paddocks on saturday....i'll post some pics up when i get back to good ol well as a few race pics from turn 4 across from the grandstands!!

07' White/Black, stock.
Louisville, KY
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My ride to Laguna on Friday.

Stepping out of the trailer at 6am on Saturday and knowing it was gonna be freakin hot.

Taking six showers in the space of 24 hours.

Seeing the Ducati Desmosedici RR in person. WOW!

Cannery Row on Saturday night.

Hayden getting it done on Sunday!

Seeing my son's face after he got Hopkins and Melandri to sign his hat.

My wife making her first visit to Laguna.
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one of the best weekends every first time ever to motogp and i will not miss it next year... I LOVED IT... damn i have a new found love..... i watched the race from the main grandstand in front of the jumbo tron... was great.... was in at the redbull energy center on friday and on saturday i had to go check out the corkscrew .. cant go to laguna without doing that... so i watched the qualifiing there.... damn i had a blast.... next time you guys gotta let me know so i can meet some of you crazy fuckers.... OH and damn CANNARY ROW on SATURDAY!! that is the BIKE night of all Bike nights!
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damn you guys. i def have to make it a trip next year! i'll be 21 too.. JACKPOT!
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my long as ride from sandiego friday. watching hayden win and talking the 1 home from marina on monday.

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My most memorable moment was when Mr. Eckl asked that I join the team for the last two races of the season - Estoril and Valencia - Yeah Baby!

It was a f*****g great weekend!!
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How about the shuttle bus line sunday after all the races were over lol... that was a six flags line on steroids, im still sore!

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OMG the shuttle line was insane! We stood in line for like 2 1/2 hours, then the trip back down hwy 1, 156 and 101 was horrible too......didn't make it back to the room til 10...haha

but it was all worth it

07' White/Black, stock.
Louisville, KY
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Lets see some pictures!

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Aaaaaaaawwww ****...I got pics coming!!!

A wise man once said...
Originally Posted by moeman View Post
It aint that easy to depart once u are in you are in for life regardless of what u ride
...And that's why I'm still here! :01_thumbu
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Talking This is very long, but it is our trip to seca.....

Our trip to Seca included 10 riders and 10 days, & plenty of drama.

Day 1: July 15th

7 of us leave San Diego heading through Idylwild (where I lost my wallet, and eventually recovered while back tracking the roads a good 80 miles.) We ended up staying at Lake Isabella. We were a bit rowdy and disturbing the gen pen while wearing full leathers and simulating a bobsled event down the hallways on an ottoman with casters.

Day 2: July 16th

We head through the Sequoia National Forrest trying to make our way to Lake Tahoe. On our way one of our guys decides it would be best to run into a deer. No crash but it did break a turn signal and leave plenty of hair on the crews. When we think the drama is over we get a rear flat on a different bike. We tried everything to get it fixed until we decide its no hope and we'll have to call a tow truck. There is only one gas station in the Sequoia national forrest and let me tell you it is a scene straight out of deliverence. You have young Jim Bob sitting on a couch palying with a guitar and using only one string. TWANG every 5 seconds. And his pops moved like molases when you needed something. Our group decided to split. While 2 went to Fresno to fix the flat and the rest of us went to Lake Tahoe. Let me tell you rolling into Lake Tahoe on that twisty highway at 10 pm sucked donkey dix. But we made it without incident. (If you go to Lake Tahoe and dont mind a rowdy crowd, stay at the BLOCK. We showed up to check in and we were handed beer. How sweet is that.)

Day 3: July 17th

We have decided to blame these incidents on the Curse of The Blair Witch Deer. The drama continues. Not rolling out of the casinos until 9am and a hell of alot poorer, I get some need shut eye for an hour before the next ride to Lake Almanor. The weather is great the roads are twisty and we are on our way to meet up with our Fresno Posse. Ohh did I forget to mention that another bike broke it's chords in the tire and began to bulge up. We still had a good 80-100 miles left till our destination. We decided to split up again where three of us would finish up the ride in good fashion and the other two would milk it as far as they can. To say the least everyone made it to our destination. Here we decided to just get wrecked and we accomplished that goal. One of our buddys left his helmet on his bike before dinner, (Bad move on his part. We are known for playing pranks on eachother) On our way back from the bar we concluded our evening with stickering his entire helmet with paper stickers from 6.99 book we bought from KBee toys. It was lovely.

Day 4: July 18th

We are now going to Eureka, CA to meet up with some family for a home cooked meal. While 5 of us are in good shape, the other 2 meet the curse of the blair witch deer and had to tow their bikes to Chico for repairs. On our way to Eureka we decided it would be a good idea to get 2 tickets from the CHP (Damn thos efff'n helicopters) and lose 2 pairs of shoes. Yeah. We did make it though. We did keep in touch with the other group in Chico. As story tells our heavy set guy tried to ride a mechanical bull and they told him he was too heavy and to dismount the poor bull. While our group took a cab to Mom's house for some dinner and beer. It was a definite highlight of our trip. We leave in the same cab with the same cabbie. Thinking the worse has past us, on of the wifes calls saying she tried calling and someone picked up and told her he found this phone and wanted some money. After giving up his location we talked to the cabbie (Major props to Justin our cabbie.) he told us who he thought had the phone, turned off the meter to show us where he picked them up. We had the idea of leaving a note (We would like the phone left at the grocery store before 10am, if it is not there we will be back before we leave town.) Someone get the idea to knock on the door, keep in mind the place is pitch black. As it turns out homeboys girlfriend opens the door, "We know that there are two guys who live here, they left for old school rock road at 10:00 pm and they have our phone we want it back now. She opened up real quick and at this time homeboys pulls in. This couldnt go any better. As his buddy counts the amount of guys he proceed to leave his other 2 friends in the dust. The thief's roomate decides it best not to cause problem and sides with us to give us back the phone. We did finally get the phone back without incident.

Day 5: July 19th

On our way from Eureka to Bodega Bay. We meet up with the other 2 from Chico and make it to our hotel with no problems. Pretty boring.

Day 6: July 20th

We are now leaving for Pismo beach to hook up with 3 others from Arizona. By the time we get there my rear tire is shot and thank god we have a truck with a trailor or I would have to get raped by the local bike shop on tires. Im gonna hold out until I get to the track to score a deal on tires. HA. If I only knew. Now our group is 10 and we are in the local bar Harrys. We are wrecked by 11:00pm playing pool for money. One of our buddies decides to get turned down for sex by 3 obese lesbians. He thought he had a chance. The drama really began when the local Harley Dix (MoeLocs) come to the bar. The decide to sit where we are playing pool. There is a $100.00 on the table and it comes down to the last 2 balls. One of us ask them to please move over a bit so we can make the shot. He returns the politeness with eff off. We try again "We have 100 bones on this game can you please move for a sec" polite right. The response was "its not my money what do I care". Needless to say the shot was missed and the que ball scratched on the 8ball. Mr. Moeloc decides hes going to laugh and heckle. Thats where one of us decided to tell him thats why he rides a Harley. That was like throwing gas on a fire. Those guys were fired up after that. We proceed to get kicked out of the bar and make rucuss bake in our rooms.

Day 7: July 21

7 of us head up the Hwy 1 for Monterey Bay Inn. The other 3 are in the truck with AC, comfy seats while traloring the bikes. We meet up in the rooms and proceed to the track. I cant wait to get a kick ass deal on tires. Ohh what is that you say the tire guy isnt there this year.WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had flagroom tickets and let me say, that was a life saver for the weekend. Our heavy set blow up doll (Brenda) decides to make an appearance. Hanging out on our balcony with a wheelie sign. We decided to to drink heavily at El Torito and proceed to streak down Canary row back to our rooms. Yes that was my white ass you saw booking it down Canary row. The night wouldnt be complete without one of our buddies getting tea bagged while being so drunk he had no idea what was going on.

Day 8: July 22

Taking care of our tire issue, and having to find a local dealer we lost a 1/2 day from the track. Not too bad though. Walking around Seca taking lots and lots of pics mostly of hot women. The highlight of the day was the free beer in the Flag Room and the two grils with no tops on and stickers on their nipples. If you read this girls I LOVE YOU. That evening we head to Canary Row, where there was a mess of bike and plenty of caliente women. I was wearing my HE LOVES THE COCK T-shirt. Note it has an arrow that points to the left. Me being the funny guy I am I decide it would be a great idea to go to some cops ask if they have a sense of humor and if they would take a pic. Needless to say we have the pic and he is indeed on my left hand side. Our heavyset guy in the group was presented a tshirt that said ILL F%CK THE FAT FRIEND (there is an inside story to that) I will say that tshirt was a crowd pleaser. The majority of the crowd was laughing while others were in disgust (those were the fat girls).

Day 9: July 23

RACE DAY ohh man I cant wait. Finally after of 4 hours of no racing we are finally on the way to the main event. Sitting in the hot sun at the turn 11 grandstand waiting for the outcome of the race I continue snapping pics of hot women in the paddocks and in the stands. We all know the outcome of the race and I couldnt be happier. I would of liked to see Rossi finish the race to see where he ended up. Later that evening we went to eat sushi and meet the coolest guy making sushi. It took for ever for him to get the sushi out but he made it up by giving us a huge bottle of Sake. The bottle was never opened and must of been at least 72 oz's. We just about finished the bottle and he gave us all tshirts from his joint. We proudly displayed them down Canary row. Did I mention we got the sushi chef drunk with us. Im glad we had our sushi before he was drunk.

Day 10: July 24

The painfull ride home to San Diego. We are just about ready to go and I cant find my riding boots anywhere. I thought it was a bad joke on some ones part but I later find out that I left them in Pismo Beach at the hotel. Great I get to be that guy in full leathers and tennis shoes. It was a good look. I retrieved my boots and we make our way down to the Baton Death March. Traffic sucked but we all made it home in good time and no incidents.

I know this is long, but if anyone of you see a deer with R1 decals on its side shoot that bastard. End the curse please......PICS & VIDS will be up as soon as we get it there. For all who saw Brenda our blow up doll, she says she loves you all especially if you ride a Harley. She had a great time.
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