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And wanting to make the speedo look better, I reversed the LCD display

Then I embarked on my first track day in France with the IAM in 2010.
Aaaand lowsided on a hairpin bend. First lap out after lunch, cold tyres, torrential rain.

Thankfully there was hardly any damage to the bike itself, but the rear cowl needed some duck tape to cover a hole, and I had to limp home with a bent rear brake pedal...

I then bought some new R&G crash bungs to replace the unbranded ones that wore down, and got some fork protectors too (just in case).

Later that year, I came off on a roundabout in winter, another cold tyre incident, and wore down the R&G bung and scratched the side of the bike again.

I touched up the scratches and battled on, replacing the holy rear cowl with a used undamaged one off eBay.

As a treat to myself in 2011 I got my suspension tuned and fork springs/oil replaced at MCT, who help set up race bikes.

'04 CBR 600RR
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