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I went on another track day in 2011 but didn't get any pictures as the photographer didn't turn up.
Then I started to get busier and the bike got pushed aside :(

In 2013 I went on the track again, back at Folembray, France. Thankfully no rain or lowsides!

After riding in the sunshine a few times I decided that the reverse LCD on the speedo pretty much rendered it impossible to read in daylight! So when I was changing the LEDs in my car speedo, I swapped the polarising film back, and changed the LEDs to white and blue. A much clearer option!

Annoyingly my indicators stopped working too, so I went for flushmounts... but shortly after, I was told from fellow riders that they couldn't see them at all!

Worried I might end up getting hit by a car who wouldn't see my flashers, I switched to some traditional-style LED units (which I don't actually have a pic of yet)
And that's the RR4 up-to-date!

I'm planning on replacing the damaged R&G bung and maybe looking into how to better hide the fairing damage, but at the moment, I had to splash out on a new battery as my old one wouldn't hold a charge anymore :(

'04 CBR 600RR
IBA #40198

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