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After some thought and talking to a few racers and mechanics, I'm going to keep going here. With really nothing to lose, I will still fire this motor up. I ordered a new fuel pump last night and will be dropping this tank off to be refurbished today. Easier than locating a new tank.

My hope is the piston rings and or cylinder walls have some scale or corrosion from prolonged improper storage. And with a little run time, will reseat and the compression numbers will come up. I will at least run this engine before I pull it out of the frame. The general consensus was those numbers don't necessarily indicate a faulty head gasket.

I was missing the rad fan and coolant overflow bottle so those have been ordered also. Today I need to order all the associated mounting hardware for those.

Edit - just found an 04 tank in clean condition cheaper than the shop can refurb this tank. Ordered.

Now we wait.

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