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Sorry, it was the first 300 miles. I re-checked the OM since that's what I followed. The dealer recommended keeping it under 6k RPMs. I wasn't pegging the rev-limiter, but I would venture over the 6k RPM from time to time but would barely break 7k if I did.

Changed the oil/filter at 600 miles. Didn't really start hard accelerations until well past 600 miles but I'd probably say before 1000 miles.

Not really sure if your "so much debate..." comment is directed at me since I'm not debating anything. I've read all the different arguments for which break-in method and why but I'm not looking to debate any particular method vs. another. The OM is relatively vague on break-in especially with regard to keeping it under a certain engine speed. I will say I definitely adhered to the documented recommendations though.
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