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I use Purple Power, diluted 50% with water and it does an excellent job of cleaning my dipped bike. I spray the bike with water, spray the Purple, let it sit for a minute or two, then wipe it down with a wet fiber cloth.

This is my Ducati when I dipped it pearl white with a red stripe
(let me know if the pics don't show. I'm linking them off my FB)


And here's my 1000RR. Factory left mid coated with matte clear dip

The problem on the RR is that over time, the dip rubs away where my legs press against the tank. It may be because the coats were too thin, though. I coated it with thicker coats last weekend and will see if it can take the friction more. Another problem is the zipper on my riding jacket rips the dip on the tank protector, so what I did was gently trace the tank protector with a razor and peel the dip off of the protector after it dried.

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