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Originally Posted by npatel984 View Post
Hey guys if you don't want take off gas tank cover or gas tank use this tools I changed mine took me quite of while how to take it off without removing it's little painful but definitely worth it if you don't want take off everything. I have 2008 cbr600rr I removed side fearing and I had access for it.
1. Take off middle screw.
2. Get 8mm socket and 1/4 socket drive place it in the position.
3. Use metric or regular 1/4 wrench to un loose the bolt. If you have metric wrench it'll make job easirer if not I useed needle nose plier to get rest of the bolt out.(turn the socket drive using needle nose plier)
4. To put it back reverse the process.
Thanks for the tip! I'm going to try out the 1/4 socket drive tool later today... my 2009 has been down for a few days because of a new paint job, and I've been looking at changing the CCT for a manual one during this time, but it's next to impossible to fit anything into that area to get that bolt off. I cut down an 8mm wrench and got that in there, but then promptly lost the wrench as it slipped off down into the engine somewhere... gotta get a little telescoping magnet to get it out of there.

EDIT: I certainly tried the 1/4" socket drive tool, but my particular tools were still too large to get in there. I ended up using the cut-down 8mm wrench with a 9mm wrench slipped around it to create a makeshift prybar. I'd push this against the OEM tensioner creating a downward force great enough to break the torque on that bolt. Eventually got it, and was able to unthread it with my fingers. A real pain on these models... but worth it!

See here for HQ photos of this procedure: https://imgur.com/a/N5Ndi

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