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Originally Posted by JXHennessy View Post
I was watching some youtube vidz and saw some guys loop their bikes attempting wheelies (that scared the **** out of me, wheelies look cool and all but the risk is too great) so for now I think am gonna try and get a dirtbike

That is my bike below , and i would really hate to F%&k it up trying wheelies. .. I love my bike too much .. lol :)
Ummm, yeah...

Getting good at wheelies to the point where you really have no fear of crashing takes a good amount of practice. If you want to 12 o'clock, you'll need to practice even more. Guess what... Very likely you will crash. Nobody learns how to wheelie on their "baby", well that is to say those that don't subsequently crash their "baby".

If you want to dedicate your time to learning to wheelie, by all means do it, but by all means don't do it on your pride and joy. There are few people who are very good at wheelies who have never crashed - very few.

When you begin, just make sure you have a good support structure around you. Not just financially (because it will most likely cost you some money sooner than later), but also people that will be there when you do crash.
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