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Found a great deal on Carrozzerria wheels on here that I couldn't pass up!

Mounted some new Bridgestone RS21 tires on there and ran it for 1 track day. Decent tires for the track but it slipped on me a couple of times on warm up laps. Eventually swapped it out for Pirelli Supercorsa SC1 front and SC2 rear.

OEM air filter & spark plugs old/new comparison. Both were replaced near 10k miles.

One thing I noticed about the 600RR after riding more track days is the amount of throw that the stock throttle has. I decided to go with Motion Pro's Rev2 variable throttle kit to reduce forearm soreness and fatigue. It was a PITA to install I'm sure there are quicker/better ways to do it but I had to remove the gas tank, air ram intake, air box, and throttle bodies to hook up the new throttle cables.

I've seen pics of race bikes with insulated air boxes to reflect radiant heat and reduce heat soak in the air box. I had the air box out and apart so I picked up a roll of heat tape for $15 and spent a couple of hours wrapping it up. Can't comment on any performance benefits but it looks sweet!

Throttle kit, air box, and gas tank reassembled

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