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There's a specific thread just for you :)


In my humble experience I don't think a 16 year old with no riding experience should get on a supersport bike.
A 600 upright street bike would possibly be ok, but the RR is basically a road legal race bike and not very forgiving for learners.

Buy a cheap ugly used bike as a first bike if you're learning. 250-600cc. It's for learning and getting used to riding. You'll still look cool on any kind of motorbike. Motorbikes are ******* cool.
Ride it for the summer, learn to service it, then sell it. Hell you might even fall in love with it. Values don't drop much, as people buy that kind of bike to learn on, so you'll not lose out on $$$.
You'll drop it, it'll get scratched, then you'll be devastated if it's a new shiny bike.

Once you've got 6 months or so under your belt, you can decide if you still like riding, then you can progress to a performance bike :)

Just my 2cents

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