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Drag Bike !!

OK, I have an '06 and it was geared pretty low so the acceleration rate was very high. When I got the bike I couldn't help picking on my cousin that has a 502 Camaro that pulls the front wheels on acceleration. I told him my bike would smoke his car in an effort to goad him into racing me but he would not do it.

Fast forward a few years and they are racing that car and another wheel puller at the quarter miles. His son is older now and has stated that my bike has no chance. I told them I saw a Youtube video from a +/- 50year-old ex drag bike racer that got a 9.x with nothing but a gear change and a great launch.

I was ridiculed by the both of them, mercilessly! Anyway, to make a long story short, we have to go to the 1/4 miles to prove how much moore hair on my chest I have then he does. So....question....how do I keep the front from flipping on me in a 1st gear launch? Do I need a wheelie bar or longer swing arm? I would prefer wheelie bar. I have lots of gear sets so that's no issue.

Where to get either? Family pride is on the line and I know I can do a smack down. Just need to get some gear I'm thinking.....

PS> Cousin runs 10.2 or something like that but I need a 9 to really smack him down once and for all !

06 CBR 600 RR
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