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Hey gents,

Apologies for the lack of content the past few months. Not too many exciting updates to share with you as the bike was in storage all winter. I've come to realize that riding track is a physically demanding sport so I've been investing my time at the gym building my core strength and stamina. My goal for this 2019 season is to run a 2:10 lap time at Thunderhill East (my current best is 2:18)

Removed stickers from lower belly fairing and repainted it. Also added some number plates from Drippingwet.

4/15/19 First track day of the season at Thunderhill East. It was a cold/gusty day and riders were crashing nearly every session. The track was shutdown for nearly 2 hours since one rider had to be airlifted out so I only managed to log 4 sessions that day. I'll be here again in 2 weeks on 5/13 and I'm crossing my fingers for warmer temps.

180/60 SC1 set at 31 and 26 hot psi looks like it's wearing beautifully - what do you think? I'll be going back to 180/55 after this set.

I noticed that fluid is leaking out onto the left side of my lower belly pan. I thought it's a cracked radiator hose so I replaced all the hoses. I have a suspicion now that it's leaking from a hose that's coming from under the gas tank. At least those 10 year old radiator hoses are replaced now!

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