2009 Honda CBR600RR
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Vehicle Name
Year 2009
Make Honda
Model CBR600RR
Color TBD
Packages Big ones. All Stock, currently lowered by puss previous owner.
2009 Honda CBR600RR
Low side scratches, "Ultra-High-Quality" Chinese fairings, Renthal racing grips (we like em hard).

All stock, set it up for my preference currently (previous owner had the preload different in both forks, rebound/comp different... IN BOTH FORKS, rear was maxed out compression). Will adjust at the track trips.

Wheels and Tires
Dunlop Q3's, there is no better price point for your safety and enjoyment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_5HHBP9yuw

Creature Comforts
12" lowering link en route from Croatia. Says shipping is delayed and I should get an update sometime this October!

Quad projector setup.
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