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  1. Donald J. Trump
  2. Hillary Voters:
  3. Lane splitting for all states petition
  4. Live in LA and have an open room - Earn up to 72,648 per year, TAX FREE
  5. Operation American Spring
  6. Top 10 Reasons to Vote Democrat in 2014

  7. Conspiracy theory, or fact?
  8. Bundy Ranch vs BLM Dispute
  9. Virginia Democrat Tweets That All NRA Supporters Are ¯Pure Trash¯
  10. Elections in India
  11. War with Russia?
  12. NSA isn't the only agency, Your credit cards are being watched too.
  13. State of Union
  14. 5 things about life/government
  15. Just got deleted from a liberal friends page for being pro choice and supportin
  16. Duck Dynasty - your thoughts?
  17. Fast food 15 an hour strike
  18. Obamacare
  19. The rules of 600RR.net
  20. Another school shooting
  21. You're both wrong
  22. US Capitol Shooting
  23. Government shut down
  24. Ummm wtf is going on?
  25. Please sign this to show we do not want this
  26. The Solution for peace
  27. All Wars Are Bankers' Wars (video)
  28. Just how many sons does Obama have for Christ's sake?
  29. Raise minimum wage..... What do you think?
  30. Coincidence? Nope
  31. propaganda and manipulation
  32. Listen to the VP and get ARRESTED
  33. Thousands Protesting
  34. U.s.a. 2013=u.s.a. 1786?
  35. Egyptian Protests **Videos & pictures Added **
  36. Charge dismissed against student who refused to remove NRA shirt
  37. FL gun owners
  38. SC ruling for Homosexuals
  39. Elbert Guillory
  40. A little backwards
  41. Liberty Is Rising!
  42. Who's Terrorizing Who
  43. Stop Scapegoating Bush
  44. Topless Women in public...discuss (NSFW)
  45. Scandal 1,2, and 3
  46. Does anyone here actually still believe/support this Administration? (Obama)
  47. Internet Tax!!!!!
  48. Delete
  49. Do believe in American Dream?
  50. Secede from 'merica
  51. South Park Episode 14 Season 16 Obama Wins. LOL to the max
  52. Marijuana Legalization
  53. Obama wins
  54. Just think about this next time you fill up your tank
  55. The official Obama FAIL thread
  56. What would you ask?
  57. I love this letter and I agree with this guy 100 percent.Read please liberal .netters
  58. More Obama failure
  59. I thought this article on Obama was funny. Omg he might be gay
  60. Proof of fake birth certificate. Obama
  61. Obama is giving out free phones
  62. Legalize lane splitting petition sign here!!
  63. Obama 2016
  64. Have to check the numbers but a good read
  65. Jus sitting here laughing at the democratic national convention
  66. Election is dividing the nation
  67. Finally a breath of fresh air
  68. we dont help
  69. ARM YOURSELVES NOW, The Government sure is
  70. Thoughts on vp candidate Ryan
  71. Americans are sheep
  72. Culture in Decline - Peter Joseph
  73. Why is everyone bashing on chic fila?
  74. Federal Reserve Explanation
  75. Are you a homeowner? Are you voting for Obama? This might change your mind
  76. Smear Campains getting funnier and funnier
  77. Obama thinks we all owe him.
  78. America
  79. Obummer's social security number is B.S.
  80. This has gone too far.
  81. help, please read thanks
  82. Immunity offered to illegals
  83. *** President ***
  84. Reward for getting rid of a Terrorist
  85. Soldiers marching in Chicago
  86. House approves CISPA
  87. Reasons to ban guns
  88. If I Wanted America To Fail
  89. Help ban this awful chemical.
  90. US Debt Rating Downgraded Again.
  91. Vote in the primary for Ron Paul
  92. Change I believe in
  93. Huge crowds at UCLA
  94. To all Ron Paul supporters
  95. still like Romney?
  96. Ben Swaan interview.
  97. chairmen admits to fraud
  98. RP on the Jay Leno Show
  99. Does this seem fishy to you ?
  100. Free energy- occult and suppressed
  101. US engages in new cold war.
  102. Judge Napolitano's What if Speech
  103. RP Delegate Numbers
  104. Talk Radio Question
  105. Economic HitMan
  106. TSA thugs detain Rand Paul- a U.S. senator
  107. Ron Paul 4th in SC!!!???
  108. pwnage
  109. Sign petition please
  110. Free internet
  111. Ron Paul 2nd in New Hampshire
  112. predictions that came true from 10 years ago
  113. MittvsMitt another reason why you should NOT vote for Romney
  114. terrorism, from a different angle
  115. Federal Reserve
  116. Something to consider before voting
  117. WAR IRAN Yes:NO
  118. I lol'd, because it's true!
  119. GOP candidate who is your pick
  120. 1% CEO "Debates" OWS Protestors
  121. Ron Paul has a real chance of winning GOP Nomination
  122. Now it's 'Occupy foreclosed homes'
  123. Ron Paul and Chuck norris style jokes
  124. just 1 reason why Rick Perry is not getting elected
  125. the video that obama had removed- obama deception
  126. Protect IP Act (S.968) & SOPA (H.R.3261)
  127. Occupy this!!!!
  128. bill o'reilly non fan club
  129. Occupy Wall Street, What do you think?
  130. Fox News/Google Republican Debate on 9/22
  131. 9/7 GOP Debate MSNBC
  132. this is interesting
  133. A conservative are you?
  134. A Texan's view of welfare
  135. History in the Making: Wisconsin Recall Elections TODAY
  136. the worlds largest army
  137. Democrats Credit Debt Management Beliefs to Basketball Games
  138. New Study Shows Hick/Hippie Bumperstickers are Very Effective
  139. Vote: Ron Paul ?? What do you think?
  140. College shown to be a scam
  141. Terrorists (opps, I mean police) shoot innocent man 60 times.
  142. The end of pocket bikes?
  143. wiener gate what a D-Bag
  144. Want Welfare? Take a drug test!
  145. texas law
  146. Osama bin laden is dead
  147. Money as Debt.
  148. invention help
  149. Federal Government Shutdown
  150. Well, Right there is your problem....
  151. Our government hates us!
  152. With what's happening in Egypt/Libya ...
  153. S*it Is really going down in the MID EAST.
  154. Supervisor Jane Kim refuses to recite Pledge of Allegiance
  155. Thank you g.o.p. For blocking the (first responders bill)
  156. More TSA nonsense.
  157. Constitutional Issues After 9/11
  158. A lovely encounter with the TSA
  159. John McCain and Sarah Palin vs. Cotton Hill and Peggy Hill
  160. I'm not sure if this is Darwinism, or just sure stupidity
  161. California Stock Muffler Bill Signed
  162. We want your money
  163. Rally to restore sanity
  164. High court trims Miranda warning rights bit by bit
  165. Is Obama realluy african american?
  166. The 4th Amendment
  167. Thank You SB1070
  168. very interesting read about US higher educational system
  169. You won’t believe what happened here in OHIO!!!
  171. gun control seems to have started
  172. Ron Paul: What happened in Greece will eventually happen in the USA. END THE FED!!!
  173. There IS justice in the universe!!!
  174. Invisible Empire
  175. Protestors at fallen soldier's funeral...
  176. The biggest fraud in history? A must read!
  177. Airport Security Poll/Survey
  178. 10 Ways the Healthcare Bill May effect You From Yahoo.com
  179. you cant fix stupid ** Fake story **
  180. you cant fix stupid
  181. military healthcare thanks obama
  182. In Obama's First Year
  183. Depressed!
  184. Universal Health Care in the U.S.A.
  185. Looking for a Good Job? Try the Federal Government.
  186. Afghanistan- still worth it?
  187. shoulda said green baloons!
  188. Have we been duped??
  189. wiki leaks to serve up 530,000 texts from 9/11
  190. South Park takes on Glen Beck...LOL
  191. Street crier touts Terrorism and Islam in New York City
  192. Breaking Free from the Matrix & The Evolution of Consciousness, Reptilians, 2012, Asc
  193. Aids...........
  194. Video proof of CNN's lies to America.
  195. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize?
  196. OMG what next
  197. Glen Beck is not a libertarian
  198. Name ONE thing ANY government has ever done for you.
  199. House votes to deny all federal funds for ACORN
  200. Does this make anyone else sad?
  201. Thought I'd share...
  202. When will the race card end??
  203. 9/11 was an inside job?
  204. Start makin' your bullets - H1N1 stirs Martial Law Fears
  205. Video:The Largest Street Gang in America
  206. the catch 22 for cash for clunkers deal finally shows its tail
  207. Ronald Reagan on Nationalized Healthcare (1961)
  208. U.S. banks will collect a record $38.5 billion in overdraft fees this year
  209. Immigration
  210. Do you believe in UFOs?
  211. I thought this was interesting..
  212. I have been called a lot of things. Unamerican has never been one of them...
  213. Fed is paying banks to NOT make loans to struggling Americans.
  214. 1976 Swine Flu & Propaganda. Dont take the vaccine!
  215. Anyone else into talk radio??
  216. Iranian Youth Leaking the resistance of a faked election on Twitter
  217. Watch the 5 monkeys, system of control
  218. Jon Voight is the MAN!!!
  219. Prison blues: States slimming down inmate meals
  220. Who knows better about Marxism than the Russians?
  221. Thoughts on North Korea
  222. Arnold is making those lazy asses on walfare to go search for work
  223. Electric Cars
  224. Congrats Americans... You're going to own GM!
  225. yes WEed can...
  226. Taxpayers surprise!
  227. Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sale Act of 2009
  228. Swine Flu, leading down the path to NWO?
  229. TAX DAY TEA PARTY April 15th
  230. Obama's plan for the draft - mandatory service.
  231. We The People
  232. The Second American Revolution
  233. Let's Play a Game: Who Am I?
  234. Awarded Bronze Star
  235. U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar
  236. Obama knew about AIG's bonuses for months!
  237. Obama's gun ban list is out.
  238. The Obama Deception - MUST WATCH!
  239. New Insane Tax Ideas !!!
  240. The Bailout Mascot
  241. Tent cities springing up...where are we headed?
  242. Oh Barack, You shouldnt have
  243. Who voted for this idiot????
  244. "Global New Deal" = New World Order...it's happening...
  245. Apathy, anyone else in that boat?
  246. we are hiring idiots for police
  247. Will California legalize Marijuana?!
  248. Obama coins
  249. California broke
  250. Civil War in the west