: Polls and Research

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  1. Best motorcycle companion app (android)
  2. after an extended absence, which choice would you lust after
  3. Pretoria, South Africa
  4. Ad blocker poll
  5. Upgrading to a 1k
  6. Are you balding?
  7. Stock or Modified 600RR
  8. Prefer Day or Night Riding
  9. Need opinions: thinking about getting a standard bike
  10. '92-'95 NSX or '09-'12 Cayman S?
  11. fp or asv
  12. Bikes over 15k miles
  13. How Do You Browse 600rr.net
  14. paint.
  15. The rules of 600RR.net
  16. Best place for insurance?
  17. New gaming consoles
  18. Help a designer design for riders!
  19. Carbon Fiber Heel Guard Styles
  20. Heads Up Display
  21. What do you listen to when riding?
  22. Help Deciding Wheel Color
  23. I would prefer a side exhaust over a universal exhaust.
  24. Black tribal vs Orange tribal. Vote! Help!
  25. Track Riders w/ Tats
  26. What's your sprocket ratio?
  27. Cool down
  28. Members Memorial Subforum
  29. Does Your Helmet Shell Stink?
  30. Which do you prefer??
  31. Crash Stats: Length of Ownership
  32. Are you pride-FULL?
  33. Let's see who plays Rugby, or any other sport
  34. Business name
  35. pickup vs car with a tow
  36. CARBON FIBER: 2x2 Twill vs Plain Weave
  37. Motorcycle technician school
  38. 600cc vs 1000cc
  39. Undertail Exhaust
  40. Tripages new product?
  41. Average life of a 250?
  42. 600rr/800rr/1000rr
  43. ATTN all members: who are you really??
  44. Which paint scheme color????
  45. Copart.com
  46. Fuel efficiency
  47. Re-open / Increase .NET MegaMillions group buy-in??
  48. Comfortable for passenger?
  49. Ramps (store bought or made)
  50. Back protector....yes or no
  51. 35W or 55W HIDs
  52. Choosing a new bike?!?!?
  53. Which leathers?
  54. How Tall Are You POLL!!
  55. Motorcycle Question
  56. Motorcycle Usage question
  57. Super Bowl XLVI
  58. Motorcycle Repair Shop Question
  59. Best HID Setup
  60. Represent Team Bike Colors
  61. Help me out with my stats project
  62. Whopper Vs. Big Mac
  63. Local bike night idea questionaire - Dyno Contests
  64. Should your state raise the speed limit to 80?
  65. Marketing Research: List brands you seek the most.
  66. Favorite brand fluids/filters
  67. Favorite brand fluids/filters
  68. Confess your squid mistakes here anonymously
  69. Pet Peeves against cagers poll
  70. Fast Food Poll. Simple as that.
  71. Pick a Truck
  72. Laguna MOTOGP Do I take a lap or not?
  73. Future bike purchase poll - what to choose?
  74. Custom Fairings Darker or Lighter?
  75. Which fairing Set to go with,
  76. Help, need info on oem honda dealers
  77. NFL Draft... glad my team sucks
  78. GSP or Shields?
  79. crash repaired leather business thinking of starting will it work?
  80. Seats for 600RR...
  81. Can't decide...need opinions!
  82. What's your wish list?
  83. Almost stolen bike repair estimate
  84. Are you willing to teach?
  85. Add a like/dislike feature to .net?
  86. Mac or PC
  87. Forum Skin
  88. POLL: Do you agree with the banning of Demented?
  89. Thinking of Supersizing...
  90. Shoya Tomizawa death
  91. How hard do you work on Fridays? LOL!
  92. Muisc Research for College
  93. Do you pee in the shower?
  94. Late at night, Red light, Stay or go?
  95. What Make of a 1000cc?
  96. Awesome Idea I just had.
  97. Tech Spec Graffiti question
  98. Shoei RF1100 or X12
  99. Vacationing
  100. If you could spend up to 100k on a car...
  101. 335i or A5
  102. Hairpins Or Sweepers...which do you prefer?
  103. BOTM Suggestion
  104. Pick My Helmet For Me Please
  105. CBR600RR Graphics which do you like?
  106. Prenup?
  107. What country are you from?
  108. Buying HIDS
  109. Levers
  110. Crazy Idea
  111. Do you have an RC211V model?
  112. 600 body pannels on VFR
  113. Are straight pipes annoying?
  114. Ducati Quiz
  115. Favorite Stock Scheme?
  116. Best Overall Gloves
  117. KR Tuned exhaust???
  118. Best Overall Boot!!
  119. Rear Sets
  120. Re-Enlist where at.
  121. Have you ever dated a girl that turned out not to be crazy?
  122. NEED help with some info on Fuel Cells That Honda has been developing.
  123. Animal Flex
  124. Is it wrong?
  125. What to do about a customer service issue (motydesign.com gauges)
  126. Why do you do it?
  127. U.F.C. 100 Mandalay Bay
  128. Do you have a Motorcycle Operatar's endorsement?
  129. Black on Black or Red on Black----Help me decide.
  130. How many of you......
  131. Akrapovic or Frame Sliders / Rear Sets
  132. -2008 Mitsubishi Evo X MR vs 2009 BMW 335i-
  133. 07 600rr vs 06 999 Ducati
  134. Music When Driving
  135. High Beam Driving.
  136. Immediate help needed! 08 or 09?!?
  137. Head Checks Yes-No
  138. Sell or paint fairings?
  139. whose modding addiction is worse than a crack addiction
  140. Very Very Important Part Of Msf You Cannot Miss!!!!!!!!
  141. speakers or ear buds
  142. 250 or 450 (4-stroke) dirtbike
  143. -When you get cut off what do you do?-
  144. Any Engineer's want to answer some questions?
  145. -How many of you ride with something that's "good luck?"-
  146. Facebook/Myspace Users?
  147. Engagement ring vs. bike???
  148. You are how old and still live at home???!?
  149. How risky of a motorcyclist are you?
  150. calling 9-1-1 for help w/ a research project term paper (intro to psychology)
  151. which rim tape color?
  152. Where do you live?
  153. Should Admin set Demented's sig to this image?
  154. What color to paint?
  155. Should Demented have his vendor status revoked??
  156. test
  157. Home Finance - Are you a saver or a spender??
  158. Trading in a 600RR for a 1000RR?
  159. Do you ride with music, earplugs, rider communication, or nothing?
  160. Do you do trackdays without health insurance?
  161. Buell- ugly or inovative...
  162. Is it a myth or a fact? You decide....
  163. Pilot Power 2CT or Diablo Corsa III
  164. PS3 or 360 or Wii vote!
  165. Ducati super bikes??
  166. -New or used 600RR?-
  167. Street or Track only, or Both
  168. Winter Poll
  169. HELP with Color Choices
  170. Keep it streetable or just track?
  171. What color wheel stripes?
  172. Keeping items in an armband?
  173. 50" plasma or Akra slipon for my '05?
  174. How do you plan to break in your new bike?
  175. tube tops or Spaghetti strap/halter tops?
  176. Tire Group Buy
  177. new member
  178. Dating within the Motorcycle Community
  179. Will you stick to a 600?
  180. Just another cop thread
  181. How long are you planning to keep your bike
  182. 07-08 Arrow exhaust (TI OR BLACK)???
  183. Outriding the Cops??...
  184. Mechanical Engineering or Esquire-ism?
  185. What Is Your Favorite Motorcycle Photo Positioning???
  186. Who is married here ?
  187. Hayden Vs. Pedrosa
  188. Is your bike more expensive than Your daily driver?
  189. What kind of Mountain Bike
  190. Political Poll
  191. Please...i Need Some Help Here, Very Important!!!
  192. Front Signals: Mad Doctor vs. Rizoma Track 01
  193. pc blue rims vs pc silver rims
  194. Push the button or don't push the button?
  195. For you Carbon Fiber addicts
  196. UPS, FedEx, or USPS
  197. Dremel Tool: Cordless or Corded
  198. Mendez or Longoria
  199. Marijuana/Alcohol
  200. Decals on my burnt orange 600rr?
  201. Acura TSX or BMW 325i?
  202. Would you buy this if you could ?
  203. like girls that ride? like pennsylvania? please vote for us!
  204. Which picture should i use for BOTM?
  205. Who's still using the dark color scheme?
  206. Patent Research
  207. Fixing up my garage.. Help!!
  208. Chicago Fans
  209. Same color or be unique?
  210. Who is goin to win
  211. Which Visor on Hayes Jolly Roger? ? ?
  212. FEALER on plastics. **Pictures added **
  213. which bike looks better????
  214. If an election were held today, who would you likely vote for?
  215. Carbon Fiber/ Clear Coat
  216. How tall are you?
  217. Feminized Motorcycles, good or bad?
  218. gauge face color decision
  219. .:POLL:.whats a better motorcycle!?
  220. who do you believe?
  221. If the election were held today who would you vote for?
  222. What color Pazzo levers?
  223. March of Dimes
  224. Street Riding DVD?
  225. 50$ Best Buy gift card...
  226. Are you in favor of the government rebate checks?
  227. NFC Winner
  228. AFC Winner
  229. What looks better?
  230. Concealed handguns/college campus
  231. Would it be cool or not to...
  232. 600RR.net New Layout...You like it?
  233. Doubling up?
  234. Whats Your IQ?
  235. D-Rings or Buckle?
  236. How does the Fed issue effect your vote?
  237. Computer Wallpaper??
  238. Conflicted on Color!!
  239. How many....
  240. Snow!
  241. Who is more reckless? KneeDraggers or Stunters?
  242. Pole: Maybe I am an Ass?
  243. suomy spec 1r or arai rx7 ?
  244. girl problems...
  245. What car for the track?
  246. research for a project
  247. 2007 season miles
  248. Tires???
  249. Gixxer Forum?
  250. Contact Guiness Book or World Records for Ceph??